Vishwamitra India Pariwar - Har Kadam Vishwas Ke Saath. Vishwamitra India Pariwar - Har Kadam Vishwas Ke Saath
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Vishwamitra Group has been started by a benevolent and reputed business family of Burdwan.

The trustees have together one common vision, that is good education for the future generations.

To start off, they have come forward with a mission to build schools and colleges in their country.

The trustees have formed a welfare society under which they shall arrange for funds from other organizations or individuals to establish an educational institute in India, where young boys and girls can receive quality education and vocational training at reasonable tuition fees.
Vishwamitra India Pariwar was setup to address the various objectives of social welfare, poverty alleviation, woman empowerment, setting up educational and health institutions, self-reliance, employment, livelihood and the like and to reach out to and serve the Common man and meet all their financial needs. The financial activities are carried out by Vishwamitra India Multi-developers Pvt. Limited, incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 (No. 1 of 1956)
and the social welfare activities is undertaken by Vishwamitra Social and Education Trust and Vishwamitra Welfare society wings.
Vishwamitra Group of schools and colleges aims at creating educational institutes where children can pursue their studies in various fields at reasonable fees.
The real estate sector in India is of great importance. According to the report of the Technical Group on Estimation of Housing Shortage.
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